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The Making

The Making of this site is a long and arduous process that entails numerous man-hours and plenty computer resources.... In other words, it's hard to produce a site of this calibre.


The History
The story behind this web site.

Software Tools
The programs used in this site's production.

The people I'd like to thank.

About the Site Co-pages

SEAV Profile
Information about the author of this site.

The boring but essential stuff.

Awards my site has won and links to reviews of my site.

The compilation of all those nifty quotes/tips at the bottom of every page.

The History
This site has been through a lot. All right, just a few. :}

I first registered the space for this page at GeoCities on October 20, 1997. It was a very slow morning---in fact, it was the morning of my Quarter Exams and I was feeling lazy that I didn't really study. I decided to get web space instead!
So I moved into this address and from then on up to the official launching of this site on August 28, 1998, I experimented with various designs and finally settled on a clean and suitably neat white layout. I could've launched this site months ago, but I was busy with school (I was a senior high school student then) that I couldn't get around to finishing this site until after graduation in March. (The schoolyear here in the Philippines starts in June and ends in March.)

Major Site Events

October 20, 1997. I obtained free web space from GeoCities.

August 28, 1998. The site was officially launched.

September 25, 1998. First site update and first site award (Future Software Site of the Week).

November 13, 1998. Tenth site update.

November 27, 1998. I received the tenth Logbook entry from Santzo.

November 29, 1998. The Labyrinth Demo v.1.5 was released.

December 7, 1998. Smoky (Michael S.) of DEP was the 1000th person to visit this site.

December 18, 1998. The Labyrinth Demo v.1.6 was released.

February 13, 1999. The site was updated for the 25th time.

February 25, 1999. The Labyrinth Demo v.1.7 was released.

March 16, 1999. I started redesigning the site's outlook.

April 1999. The site reached 2000 hits.

August 4, 1999. The site reached 3000 hits.

August 7, 1999. The Labyrinth Demo v.1.82 was released.

August 28, 1999. SEAV Softwares Web Site is now 1 year old!

October 18, 1999. The site reached 4000 hits. Fiftieth site update.
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Software Tools
The best HTML editor is no other than MS-DOS Edit.

Following is the list of software used in making this web site and their copyrights (I love writing official/legal text).
Art and graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop 4.0/5.0. © 1989-1998, Adobe Systems, Incorporated.

The HTML code was edited using MS-DOS Edit. © 1995, Microsoft Corporation.

The primary web page previewer is Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. © 1995-1997, Microsoft Corporation.

The secondary web page previewer is Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0. © 1994-1996, Netscape Communications Corporation.

ZIP files were created using PKZip for Windows 32bit. © 1989-1996, PKWare Incorporated.

Files were uploaded by FTP using CuteFTP v2.0. © 1995-1996, Alex Kunadze, CuteFTP.
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Gratitude is always welcomed.

Thanks goes to our Lord God for always being there. To my family for their support and encouragement. To Ben Duque for introducing me to the wonderful world Web publishing. To various web designers out there (Dave Siegel, Joe Gillespie, etc.) for providing Netters with much needed tips and ideas for good web design and functionality.
And how can I forget the people over at GeoCities for providing me with the space to put up my web page?
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