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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is my major arcade game in the works and this is the page dedicated to it.


What's The Labyrinth?
A brief description of my game.

Images of the game-in-progress.

Download It
Download the different development versions of the game.

What's The Labyrinth?

Smooth scrolling pseudo-3D game? You bet!

The Labyrinth is my first-person, pseudo-3D, action game. This game is the new installment of my original Labyrinth game made a few years back. You can download the original along with demos of the newer versions.
The game is not a raycaster. It's a tile-based world and the 3D views are drawn using stored sprites, similar to the game series, The Legend of Lith, by DarkDread, though I did not borrow the idea from his game.
The Labyrinth will feature two game modes: A "Race" mode and a "Battle" mode. In the "Race" mode, players try to find the exit of the maze first. What makes this interesting is that you have guns that you can use to freeze opponents in their tracks.
The "Battle" mode is somewhat like a multiplayer Doom or Quake game. But this time, you win by scoring points, which is based on how many direct hits you shoot against other players.
The maze will also contain scattered items that when picked, will give you certain advantages (or disadvantages) =}.

Game Features

Up to 4 players (maximum 2 human players)
Generated or preconstructed maps
Various wall "tile sets"
In-game pick-up items *
Three gun modes
FM synthesizer music *
Digital/FM sound effects *

* Not yet implemented

Game Requirements

80486 processor minimum; Pentium recommended
350KB conventional memory
512KB expanded memory
VGA video card
SoundBlaster/Adlib compatible sound card
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Look at these screenshots and drool! :}

The Labyrinth ver. 1.8 Latest shot from development

The Labyrinth ver. 1.7 The Labyrinth ver.1.7

The Labyrinth (older version) The Labyrinth (older version)

The original Labyrinth The original Labyrinth
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Download It

Download the latest Labyrinth demo—now playable!

You can download three versions of the game: The original game (written a few years back) and two versions of the new one. The original version is completely playable, but it contains a few aesthetic bugs which I'm no longer fixing.
The older of the two newer versions was written last April-May 1998. Then I decided to rewrite the engine. The result is the latest version which features a better interface and a more efficient engine.
I'll release the source code when I finish the game and not before.

[EXE] The Labyrinth demo version 1.82
366KB (1515KB)
[EXE] The Labyrinth demo version 1.00
140KB (639KB)
[BAS] The Original Labyrinth
14KB (76KB)
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