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Program Nook

Program Nook: the section of my site where you can find the end result of my hours of programming...programs! There are games, utilities, demos, and featured is my project game, The Labyrinth.


General Notes
Some things you should know about this section.

Archives Index
A list of all my programs featured in the Archives. With blurbs.


The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth is an arcade game that I'm currently working on.

General Notes

The Program Nook section will contain the programs that I have made which I consider presentable or useful. I also have a special page dedicated to my game, The Labyrinth.
There is really nothing else that you should know except the meanings of some things in the Archives in the place where you download the programs:

Download Info
[BAS] This icon indicates that the source code is included in the ZIP file. Most of the time, you can run the code in QBASIC especially if there is no executable included, but I would recommend running it under QuickBASIC.
[EXE] This icon indicates that an executable file is included in the ZIP file. You should run the executable instead of the source code, if available.
The two file sizes following the download link are the ZIP file size and uncompressed size respectively.

To Unzip

If you don't have a program to unzip the files, go to PKWare and kindly ask them for a copy of their PKZip product. :) Anyway, I would suggest that you always use the directories option when unzipping so that every file goes to the right place.
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Archives Index

These are some of my more presentable programs; I have lots others! :}

All my programs are grouped into pages called SEAV Archives where each program is given a little description. There are currenstly two Archive pages containing a total of 20 programs, all of which I made. This page will serve as an index to the programs.
You may notice that many of the programs are simple demonstrations. That's because I enjoy creating small programs that do things I wanted see and many pertain to science and math.
If you want to see more programs, especially those where you can learn from, you can go to the Case Study section. You'll find there programming problems for you to try. Many of the problems have zip files containing sample programs.

SEAV Archive 1
Air Raid
My early arcade shoot-em-up game where you play a tank against bombers.

Towers of Hanoi
My very own game version of the classical puzzle.

A graphical demo using elaborate palette changes to show day and night scenes.

A Christmas Night
Christmas carols through sights and sounds.

Wand Effect
Screen saver-type program that sort of looks like a wand's sparkles.

Spider's Web
A program that draws spider webs.

Mystify Your Mind Imitation
The Windows screen saver!

A nice graphical demo that shows off a waterfall.

A distortion screen saver with a GUI for settings.

June 1999 CodeX Entries  NEW!
Six programs I submitted to Tek's June 1999 CodeX Challenge.

SEAV Archive 2
Lunar Selenographic Colongtitude
A moon simulator-tool for lunar astronomers.

Solar System Orrery
A simulation of the solar system (sans Pluto) in real-time 3D.

Simple Gravity Simulator
A nice and simple gravity/orbit simulator to learn from.

An Analysis of Color Blindness through the Computer
A winning Science Fair project in high school.

A collection of subroutines to do proportional text.

Magic Card Viewer
A SEAV Font II demo program that displays Magic: The GatheringTM imaginary cards.

Keyboard Handler
My own easy-to-implement keyboard handler for detecting multiple key presses.

HTML Checker
My personal HTML syntax checker. (To test my web site.)

SEAV Archive 3
Bifurcation Diagram  NEW!
A program that plots the bifurcation diagram of the model of restricted growth.

Fractal Explorer
An semi-interactive program that lets you look at fractal curves.

Lightning and Tree Generator
Two programs that draw lightning and trees using a fractal growth process.

Boolean 1D Cellular Automata  NEW!
A 1D cellular automata governed by generation rules in Boolean logic.

A program that draws the rosette pattern.

A simple geometry program that draws a triangle and its special properties.
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