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To prevent my Connections page from growing out of bounds, I've split it. This page now contains Other Links not found on the main page.


General Programming
Links to sites about programming in general.

Other Web Sites
Miscellaneous links not related to programming.

Connections Co-page

Site Rings
This site is a member of some webrings.

General Programming
These are links to programming resources on the Net that I usually visit.

Following are general programming links that contains programming resources no matter what language you are using.


Wow! This site is a must-see for any programmer! The site contains hundreds of tutorials on almost any aspect of game programming. From 3-D rendering to NPC characterization, and artificial intelligence to game design, this is a site you shouldn't miss.


This is a huge site of programming tutorials and resources not unlike the GameDev.net site. This is an alternate place to go of you can't find what you're looking for in other sites.

Wotsit's Format

You need file format specs? MOD, MID, BMP, WAV, and ZIP? Down to the obscure MP3, PNG, and XML? You need not go further than Wotsit's format, the site with the most comprehensive list of file formats specs on almost every file format imaginable.

The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page

Don't let this long title intimidate you. This is a treasure trove of graphics techniques. Trust my word on this...you'll learn a lot of new stuff in here.

DOS Programming

A very nice site that still gives you content in DOS programming (Assembly, BASIC, Pascal, and C). Has lots of information that might be useful for you. Also, the webmaster produces an online magazine on this site called DOS Help.

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List

This is the interrupt list recommended by many PC people. You'll find here zip files containing one huge collection of PC interrupts, ports, memory addresses and other mundane data on the PC. Go and download the interrupt list. A warning: the files are a bit cryptic and it's fairly disorganized.

The Vault: Problems

If you want some programming problems to try solving, go to The Vault and see if you are as good a programmer as you think you are!
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Other Web Sites

If you're tired of looking at QB pages, then why not visit some other sites not related to QB. What? Can't think of any? Well, lucky for you, I've made a list of other nice web sites out there. Some are made by friends; others are just very interesting and informative. But after viewing these web sites, please come back!

Mga Kababayan Ko
Fellow Filipinos. These web sites belong to my classmates, friends, and acquaintances.

The Ogurats Web Site

Meet the 11 guys who are gonna give Leonardo DiCaprio a run for his money. Meet: The Ogurats!

My World!

My friend, Meenah's, home page featuring stories, poems, and quotations.


An online community for the students of the premier University of the Philippines.

Christian's Cyberhome

The personal page of one of my college blockmates. The site has an excellent layout and is very helpful for the Pinoy.

Aaargh Pascual!!!

A home page made by another of my college blockmates. It contains several funny stuff all delivered in a very deprecating (yet humorous way).

Web Design
Making Great Pages. Go to these sites to learn about how to create web design that works without sacrificing looks.

David Siegels' Web Wonk

David Siegel is a designer and he provides good tips for beefing up the appearance of your web site. This site contains his tips and tricks that you can readily implement in your own web pages.

Web Page Design for Designers

This is a more comprehensive site on Web Design. It also features usability engineering, JavaScript tricks, as well as practical pointers for ensuring that your visitors can get the most out of your web site.

The Wheel of Time
TWOT! The Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan is the best series of its genre that I have ever read. If you are a fan of TWOT, scope out these links.


This is an online magazine with a sleek design and very good content.


This is an extensive information database for TWOT readers. Check it out!

Other Links. Here are some links that are interesting, informative, or fun.

Index Librorum Liberorum

This page is treasure box of information. There are many things of interest to people who like science and astronomy. There are also documents and utilities for the Web.

Computer Stupidities

A site containing some very hilarious anecdotes about how the computer strips off many people's common sense. A must visit!
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