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You want tutorials and other articles to help you with your QB programming? You don't have to look further than this Instructional section. You'll find here links, tutorials, references, and a special Case Study section.


Other Sites
Links to other sites that are dedicated to tutorials and references.


Downloadable tutorials that I recommend.

Case Study
See if you are as good a programmer as you think you are.

Other Sites

Recommended sites for help in programming.

There are other sites that specialize in tutorials and references so why replicate the same stuff here on my site? Following are just some links to web sites where you can get information on programming, QB or otherwise.


Wow! This site is a must-see for any programmer! The site contains hundreds of tutorials on almost any aspect of game programming. From 3-D rendering to NPC characterization, and artificial intelligence to game design, this is a site you shouldn't miss.


This is a huge site of programming tutorials and resources not unlike the GameDev.net site. This is an alternate place to go of you can't find what you're looking for in other sites.

Wotsit's Format

You need file format specs? MOD, MID, BMP, WAV, and ZIP? Down to the obscure MP3, PNG, and XML? You need not go further than Wotsit's format, the site with the most comprehensive list of file formats specs on almost every file format imaginable.

The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page

Don't let this long title intimidate you. This is a treasure trove of graphics techniques. Trust my word on this...you'll learn a lot of new stuff in here.

DOS Programming

A very nice site that still gives you content in DOS programming (Assembly, BASIC, Pascal, and C). Has lots of information that might be useful for you. Also, the webmaster produces an online magazine on this site called DOS Help.

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List

This is the interrupt list recommended by many PC people. You'll find here zip files containing one huge collection of PC interrupts, ports, memory addresses and other mundane data on the PC. Go and download the interrupt list. A warning: the files are a bit cryptic and it's fairly disorganized.

Qbasic: The Magazine

This now defunct QB online magazine was the most successful of all. You'll find here some interesting articles, tutorials, and news covering 1998-1999.

All BASIC Code (ABC)

You'll find here one of the Net's largest collection of BASIC source code. And the name All Basic Code means that you'll find pure code for many flavors of BASIC: QB, PB, VBDOS, VBWIN, Liberty, etc. I've found many interesting programs here.

BASIX Fanzines

This is another magazine that focuses on BASIC in general. Try this site if you don't find what you're looking for in other sites.


Marko has a huge list of links on his site pointing to other sites that specialize in many aspects of programming.

The Vault: Problems

If you want some programming problems to try solving, go to The Vault and see if you are as good a programmer as you think you are!
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