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This is SEAV Softwares Web Site, a place where QB programmers can find the programs I deem good, the software I created, my favorite links, the useful tutorials, and a host of other interesting things—all in a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing interface. (At least I hope so!) :} Oh yeah, this site is also the home of my upcoming game, The Labyrinth, a first-person action game I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Note: If this is your first time to visit this site, please go to the First Time page to learn more about this site.

What's New?
Wala lang.

September 12, 2000 [Update.53] This site is still alive! I plan to renovate this site to a very simple one probably during my sem break. I can't believe college can make one extremely busy. :)

To see the last few updates to this site, go to the Newsclips archive.

Quick Links
These Quick Links are the pages that I expect you visit often. (Or at least have visited once).

The names in brackets indicate under which major sections these links belong to.

The Labyrinth [Program Nook]
This is the page dedicated to my current game-in-progress. Download the latest demo version and be amazed!

Newsclips [Home Page]
An archive of past updates.

The Logbook [Visitor's Area]
The Guestbook: a place where you can leave your mark!

Feedback [Visitor's Area]
A survey about my site for you to fill out.

Site Rings [Connections]
A list of the webrings this site is part of.

Case Study [Instructional]
Programming problems that you can try solving!

You Know You've Had Too Much QB When... [Portfolio]
A humor page all about our favorite hobby.

What Do You Do When Your Program Won't Work? [Portfolio]
Another humor page which is all about our worst peeve.

Recognition [About the Site]
My awards—the much-deserved =) recognition this site gets.

Legalese [About the Site]
Some legal stuff you probably already know.

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