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If you've grown bored with this page (which I hope not), then peruse these Connection links to several of my favorite sites. You'll also find here the page containing the webrings this site is part of.


Connecting Sites
Link your web site to mine! And I'll see if I'll link to yours.

QB Web Sites
A list of excellent web sites on QB.


Other Links
General programming and miscellaneous links.

Site Rings
This site is a member of some webrings.

Connecting Sites
Linking to my page? Sure. Your link on my site? I'll have to think about it. (I only put up links that I like.)

If you want to put up a link on your site leading to this site, then by all means, do so. You may use any of the two buttons/banners below as the link. (Choose the one that matches your site's color scheme well.)

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If you want me to put up a link going to your site. I'm sorry, but I only put up links to the sites that I like, at my own discretion. If you want, you can send me the URL and we'll see if I'll put it up.
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QB Web Sites

Here are the links that I particularly enjoy visiting.

Here are some web sites that deserve commendation for their excellent layouts, and informative content. I also select some new sites that I believe would be better in the future. If you spot any dead links, please notify me.

NeoZones Productions

Simply one of the best sites out there in the QBasic community. A must visit, if you are new to the community. Problem is, the site is updated rarely.


In terms of interactivity and usability, this site is tops. The whole site is designed to run by itself. From the nifty Files section to the programmer profiles, this is a site you should visit!

Future Software
Future Software

This site is A1 in content—it possibly has the largest collection of QB files on the net, 1000+! This is also the place to watch out for a bunch of good projects!

Open Forum
Open Forum

An intersite QBasic community message board. Graciously hosted by Marcade.

Qbasic: The Magazine

This now defunct QB online magazine was the most successful of all. You'll find here some interesting articles, tutorials, and news covering 1998-1999.


Wow! A nice graphical site with a lot of neat and wonderful programs, most of which you may eventually find useful to learn from. This site is owned by Dmitry Brant.

Toshi's Project Page

Toshihiro Horie creates some very nifty, useful, and worthwhile programs. Any accomplished QB programmer should look at his works found at his site.
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