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Case Study

Case Study contains programming exercises and discussion of solutions for each. This is a way of enhancing your algorithm skills.


A more detailed introduction to this Case Study concept.

The Problem Index
An index of the problems featured.

Instructional Co-page

Downloadable tutorials and references that I recommend.

The art and science of programming

The Case Study section will tackle new and classic problems and exercises in programming. The solutions are discussed, algorithms are presented, and in many cases, information for further exploration on your part is included. Hopefully, this will become a much visited part of the site since the essence of computer programming is logical thinking and problem solving—the stuff of which computer games and utilities are made.
I encourage you to read the problems and try solving them on your own. Don't look at the solutions until you're ready or if you don't really know how to solve the puzzles.
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The Problem Index

I would suggest that you try the problems before looking at the solutions.

Each featured problem is given its own separate page. For many of the problems, solutions are also included. And each of those problems that have solutions has a downloadable zip file containing the problem and solution plus sample QBASIC files demonstrating some points in the solution.


Factors and Perfect Numbers
Finding the integral factors of numbers and seeing if a number is perfect. Number Theory / Novice to intermediate level.
Download A1 Zip file
20KB (36KB)


Input routine
Make your own routine to replace QB's INPUT statement. User interface / Novice to intermediate level.


The License Plate Curiosity
A look at some numeric problems brought about by license plate numbers. Number Theory / Intermediate level.
Download A3 Zip file
19KB (32KB)


Text Encryption
A simple program on text encryption—with some very hard constraints! Cryptography / Intermediate level.
Download A4 Zip file
18KB (32KB)


The Queen's Peace
The classical puzzle of placing queens at peace on a chessboard. Mathematics / Intermediate level.


Billiards Register
Create a program that times table use and issues bills. Application / Intermediate to advanced level.


Table Top Cost Analysis
Write a simple program that takes table top measurements and provides a cost estimate for manufacturing. Application / Novice level.


Analog Clock
How does one draw simple analog clocks in QBASIC? Programming Methods / Intermediate level.
Download B3 Zip file
23KB (41KB)


Mastermind™ Game
Make a very simple text mode Mastermind™ clone. Game programming / Novice level.
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